2017: The Year of the Client

What an election cycle. Just when you think it’s surely going one way, it shifts to another… and then back again. And, as we found out, none of us really knew what was going on at all. Numbers, polls and surveys only go so far.

The biggest lesson learned from this election is very simply: Don’t assume anything and don’t take your clients for granted. “Know your client” is not only a must-do, it’s the biggest must-do facing your practice in 2017. And it’s not your standard, garden variety “know your client”- you will need to take it to a whole new level. Rising interest rates, the uncertainty around NAFTA and China, and of course not even DOL will touch the importance of client loyalty.

With all the uncertainty that remains with DOL, one thing remains constant- it IS the Year of the Client like never before. Download this white paper to learn how to be ready and the 5 things you should be doing for your clients. 



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